Planned Giving

Create a Legacy

Years ago, “planned giving” meant making a bequest to a charitable organization through a will. But, planned giving today includes wills and many other tools and strategies tailored to address a variety of situations for people at all levels of giving ability.sbrm_1561

The opportunities are there – it’s up to you, the donor, to use them to your greatest advantage. With careful planning, your charitable legacy can be maximized to its fullest potential and, if done right, can mean additional tax savings for you and your estate.

One very important aspect of planning for the future is to take time to consider your overall financial and estate plans. Many people never get around to making a will or other estate plan. This means that you could be missing so many good things that can come out of the planning process– not the least of which is your own peace of mind.

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy gift to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, please  contact Sarah Ardis, Director of Development and Community Relations, at (318) 227-2868 ext. 103 or and talk to your financial advisor today about planning a gift to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission that will benefit both the Mission and your family.


 If your goal is to:

Then you can:

Benefits may include:

Avoid tax on capital gains Contribute long-term appreciated stock or other appreciated, marketable assets A charitable deductions plus no capital gains tax
Defer a gift until after your lifetime             Put a bequest in your will (give cash, specific Property, or a share of the residue of your  estate).              Your donations are fully exempt from federal estate tax
Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax free Create a charitable gift annuity Current and future savings on income taxes, plus fixed stable payments to you
Avoid capital gains tax on sale of a home or other real estate

Donate the real estate to us or sell it to us at a bargain price or create a retained life estate  

An income tax reduction plus reduction or elimination of capital gains tax
Make a large gift with little cost to you Make a large gift with little cost to you no longer need Current and possible future income tax deductions
Secure fixed payments for life while avoiding market risks Create a charitable remainder annuity trust It gives you tax benefits and often boosts your rate of return
Make a revocable gift during you lifetime Name us as the beneficiary of assets in a living trust Full control of the trust terms for your lifetime