Life Recovery Program


Our Life Recovery Program exists to help each man and woman that comes into our shelter with the opportunity to have a new beginning. The Life Recovery Program is called to be total recovery through spirit, soul and body. Men, women and children are taken into a safe, comfortable environment where they are given shelter, food, hot showers, clothing, medical/dental care, and access to life coaching, counseling and social services. After the initial assessment period with their assigned Life Coach, they are encouraged to make life-altering decisions that will profoundly affect their lifestyles and living conditions by joining either the temporary Guest Program, Work Program, Housing Program or Discipleship Program.



The Guest Program exist to assist those finding themselves needing temporary emergency shelter. This program is designed to meet short term needs to help individuals secure employment and permanent housing. Those in the Guest Program attend classes, receive bi-weekly Life Coaching, Vocational Training, help with household chores, and work towards achieving employment. SBRM will continue to house all men and women who agree to work toward the goal of independent living. Counseling and Life Coaching are available to help men and women stay accountable and on track towards accomplishing their goals.


The Discipleship Program equips participants with the fundamental skills to overcome and successfully deal with the stressors of life.

sbrm_0354Each participant resides on-site and receives one-on-one counseling, bi-weekly Life Coaching, Vocational Training, and daily devotions. Participants are taught the basics of Christianity and attend classes that address specific needs such as anger management, basic living and job readiness skills, knowing God’s will, and financial management. Our purpose is to equip each participant with fundamental skills they can use for a lifetime. The Discipleship Training Program prepares homeless men and women to serve God, as they prepare for independent and productive living.

As part of our Discipleship Program, the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission provides all guests with Vocational Training in the areas of receptionist/office management, janitorial services, food service, maintenance, merchandising, warehouse, and lawn and grounds maintenance. The purpose of Vocational Training is to give our guests real world work experience that can translate into a marketable skill and teach healthy work ethic. Vocational Training students have the opportunity to receive hands on training, certificates of completion and letters of recommendation from their Vocational Training Supervisor to be used in future job endeavors.

The goal of Vocational Training is to give our guests a hand up in securing high paying employment, have the skills necessary to be competitive in the job market, have the skills needed to continue in higher education, and ultimately achieve successful, independent living.

For information on the Discipleship Training Program for men, contact Pastor Larry Otwell at 227-2868 ext. 113 or

For information on the Discipleship Training Program for women, contact Donna Otwell at (318) 227-2868, ext. 122 or email her at

Work Program

The Work Program is designed to specifically meet the needs of individuals who come to the Mission with employment or ready to gain employment. These individuals are in need of temporary lodging. All individuals in the Work Program attend both large and small group classes and receive bi-weekly life coaching. Individuals in the Work Program can voluntarily choose to participate in Vocational Training so that they may secure higher paying employment and be competitive in the job market.

Housing Program

sbrm_0677Many individuals come to the Mission with needs beyond the scope of our ministry. These include but are not limited to individuals with mental illness, individuals with needs that require round the clock medical care and many others. These individuals are placed in our housing program where our staff and the individual work together to find them more suitable and appropriate housing. Individuals in this program still received bi-weekly life coaching, participate in Vocational Training and attend both large and small group classes.

For more information on Men’s Work, Housing and Guest Program, contact the Men’s Help Desk at (318) 227-2868, ext. 125 or 126.

For more information on Women’s Work, Housing and Guest Program, contact the Women and Children Help Desk at (318) 227-2868, ext. 127 or 128