• Omega's Story
    Omega's Photo I’m a New Person Now

    Omega grew up in a home filled with violence and abuse, but she as insulated from it all.  “My dad drank and beat my mom, but may oldest brother protected me so I didn’t see it.” She3 says.  But when Omega 11, her protector died of spinal meningitis.  He was just 19.  “After he died, I started seeing what my daddy was doing and how eh treated my mom and my life changed dramatically”, she says.

    One day, after a disagreement, Omega’s father tried to choke her.  “My mom said could deal with her child with my dad harming her but not her child, so we moved away,” she says.  The moved was hard on Omega.  She felt displaced and get mother had grown distant.  “I didn’t have anybody so I stared hanging are the wrong people……Drinking, smoking and partying” she say .  Eventually, Omega got into a dysfunctional relationship and sunk into depression, which escalated after the birth of her daughter.  “I finally broke free, but I lost my job and we were living in my car”, she says.  “I realized I could lose my daughter, so I came the Mission.”

    Since entering our Life Recover Program, Omega has grown close the Lord, “He took away my depression and taught me love, patience, understanding, kindness, meekness, and humility -every I need,” she says.  Omega now ministers to teenagers at the CADA (Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse) Adolescent Treatment Center, giving back to the Mission has given to her.  “GOD opened the door for my daughter and me to come to the Mission and I’m so grateful,” she says.  “I’m a new person now.”


  • Valenda's Story
    Valenda's Photo Now I can Breathe

    After a lifetime of drug use, which destroyed her self-esteem and separated her from her children Valanda’s turned to the Lord. “I prayed and prayed and GOD just took that desire away from me,” she explains.  She was clean for nine years…but life as still hard.

    She got married and the couple had three children of their own.  Then her husband began to abuse her – beating her in front of their little ones.  She fled with her children and moved in with her father.  When they wore out their welcome, they stayed in a motel.  She was down to her last dollar when someone told her about the Mission.

    Valand’s life changed dramatically through our Discipleship Program, where attended classes that address specific needs, such as anger management, basic living and job-readiness skills and understanding GOD’s will.

    “There’s not place I’d rather be than the Mission,” she says.  “My mind is right with GOD, and now when times get hard, I know how to handle it.”  She feels blessed that her children felt happy and received the care they needed.  She was excited about all the resources available to help her find a job and housing.

    As she looks to the future, she says, “I want to help other people” – as a way to give back for the opportunities you provide that have given her a new lease on life.  And with a heart of thanksgiving, she shares these words: “I’m so grateful the Mission had room for me and my kids.  Now I can breathe!”

  • Gary's Story
    Gary's Photo Everything just Fell Apart

    Gary worked in the oil fields all his life.  He married, had three great sons and raised his family.  But along the way, he lost it all to drugs and alcohol.

    “The oil fields are full of and alcohol, methamphetamine, and I was drinking every day.  Finally, it came to the point where I couldn’t keep a job.  My wife couldn’t take it anymore, and everything just fell apart.”

    “In the end, I had nowhere to go.” Gary had tried to get off drugs and alcohol before several times by himself and once in a drug rehab program that “didn’t work.

    It was Gary’s ex-wife who brought him to the Mission, and within a week, he entered our Life Recovery Program.

    “I came in with just the clothes on my back.  They gave me good clothes.  I was able to eat three meals a day-something I hadn’t been doing.  They gave me a roof over my head.  I was diagnosed with depression and they helped me get medicine.  Eventually, with the Mission’s support and the Lord’s guidance, was able to get off that medicine.

    Gary had never keen “religious”.  “Through the teachers and the classes and reading the Bible, I learned that the Lord forgave me.  If Jesus Christ can forgive me, I ought to be able to forgive myself.”

    Working in the oil fields was the only job Gary had ever known.  But he knew he couldn’t return ad risk addiction again.  When he began working in the kitchen as part of his vocational training, he found a new calling that prepared him in his present job at a meat packing plant.   “The whole program was excellent for me,” Gary says. “I’m working.  I’m rebuilding relationships with my children”, and they’re very proud and supportive. “I just hope I can give back the Mission something of what they’ve given me!”