A Day in the Life of an Intern, Pt. 1

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A Day in the Life of an Intern, Pt. 1

A Day in the Life of an Intern, Pt. 1

When I was first asked to write about a day in the life of a Ministry Intern, I thought of Dr. Seuss’ book Bartholomew Cubbins and the 500 hats. Everyone at the Mission wears many hats. It takes many hats from many willing hearts to change our cities one life at a time.

Hat 1 includes doing intakes. An intake is the initial step for everyone that comes through the Mission’s doors that gives us the initial information to start the process of their recovery.

Hat 2 involves being a mentor and a friend and above all else being a good listener.

Hat 3 is my favorite hat because as a former teacher, I love to teach. I have the privilege of teaching a weekly class at the Mission. This also includes preparing devotions to share with the ladies.

These are just some of the many hats that I wear as an intern. People have asked me why I would spend one year of my life at my age doing a Ministry Internship? Quite simply it’s because God placed a call on my life to be a light in the life of others when all they see is darkness. I have been where each of these ladies have been. I understand the worry, the tiredness, the stress and the hopelessness. And at the end of that journey, I found light and I found hope and a future.

Many of the women that come to the Mission feel unloved and unworthy. I was not unique in having those same feelings, but I have learned through my time in the Mission’s Discipleship Program that I have value. And my value does not come from my job or from how the world defines me but in the eyes of the one who created me.

I realize that I am not what people think of when they think of someone who has experienced homelessness. The truth is there are more and more women like me coming to the Mission looking for a second chance. My hope is that through my work at the Mission God will use me to show hurting and broken women that they are loved and valued. The Mission has changed my life forever and I am honored to do the work commissioned to us by Jesus and share the good news of hope and healing.

Ginger Stothart
Ministry Intern Graduate, Class of 2019

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