Finding My Worth: Jennifer’s Story

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Finding My Worth: Jennifer’s Story

Finding My Worth: Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer fell into a lifestyle of addiction after she lost her child just 12 days after delivery. She turned to pain pills and alcohol to numb the pain. A year later, Jennifer found herself pregnant again leading to a temporary recovery. But surgery complications after her pregnancy led to her relapse. Her addiction turned her life upside down for 6 years and led to job loss, divorce, and losing custody of her children. Ultimately, Jennifer had to move in with a family member who willingly handed over drugs to numb her pain and only strengthen her addiction.

Last year, Jennifer lost her mother. She knew that being in a new city, with new people and having just lost her mother would only trigger her addiction even more. It was in that moment that Jennifer reached out for help. Jennifer connected with her old friend Mindy, who graduated the Mission’s New Beginnings and Internship Program and is now a full-time staff member.

Jennifer came to the Mission looking for a new beginning. A new beginning without an addiction. 

“There was nothing for me out in the open world. So, I knew that I needed to see what they had here to offer me.” 

Jennifer joined the Mission’s New Beginnings Program where she grew deeper in her relationship with God. During this time, Jennifer was able to mend relationships with her family and children.  She began to live her life according to God’s word and started building her house on a solid foundation that wouldn’t fail her (Matt. 7:24-27). It was that foundation that allowed Jennifer to cope with the death of her father just a few months ago. Before coming to the Mission, sadness would have caused Jennifer to dive further into her addiction. Now, she is drawing closer to her heavenly Father for peace and comfort. Jennifer has now graduated the New Beginnings Program. She has discovered her Jeremiah 29:11 and plans to stay in ministry where she hopes she can help women and be a part of changing our cities one life at a time! 

Check out below to hear more from Jennifer about what God has done in her life!


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