Lost and Found: Mindy’s Story

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Lost and Found: Mindy’s Story

Lost and Found: Mindy’s Story

After giving birth to her first child, Mindy retreated herself into grief. “I went through some postpartum issues and kind of spiraled out of control.” She struggled to take care of herself, let alone her newborn baby…and found herself trapped in a heartbreaking cycle of abusive relationships. “I was almost killed three times. It was just terrible…It left me unable to trust anyone.” A life of broken relationships caused Mindy to rebel. “You couldn’t tell me anything. I didn’t want to do anything for myself.” Mindy was struggling to hold down a job and was going downhill fast.

With her self-esteem gone, Mindy longed for change….real change. She went to jail for the final time and at 36 years old decided that enough was enough. While in jail, Mindy started reading more of the Bible and began to humble herself. She came to the Mission after being release from jail and joined our New Beginnings Program. There, she found hope and healing. Counseling and Christ centered classes helped her rebuild her self-esteem. Mindy even reached a point that she rededicated her life to Christ!

Once she finished the New Beginnings Program, Mindy felt a call on her heart to help other women in crisis. She joined the Mission’s Ministry Intern Program and after 1 year, she graduated that program. Today, Mindy is a full-time staff member on our Women’s Guest Services Team where she is on the frontlines helping women and children in crisis.

“Since coming to the Mission, I’m stronger…Being here has given me hope.”

When Mindy first came to the Mission, she didn’t trust anyone. Her heart was hard. She carried the weight of her hurt with her. Today, she has found hope and freedom through Christ. God has melted her hardened heart and today, Mindy is a sweet, loving, and caring servant for the Lord. She’s been restored and redeemed. The best part of Mindy’s story is that she is not keeping what God has done in her life to herself. Mindy has not only ministered to women at the Mission but is also responsible for helping some of her old friends (remember Jennifer) find their way to the Mission and encounter Jesus the way she did.

At the Mission, we have a tagline that we are changing our cities one life at a time. For us, this is more than a tagline. This is why we exist and this is how we bring change in our cities. One life changed (Mindy) creates a ripple effect throughout our cities which leads to more lives changed and transformed.


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