Finding My Identity: Laura’s Story

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Finding My Identity: Laura’s Story

Finding My Identity: Laura’s Story

Meet Laura, Class of 2024’s first graduate! Laura came to the Mission experiencing homelessness for the first time. At the time, she was struggling with addiction to alcohol. In addition to her addiction, Laura struggled with lack of trust and unforgiveness.

Alcohol had become Laura’s way of coping with unresolved trauma and multiple broken relationships. She finally got tired of being sick and tried and decided to turn her life around. When Laura first decided to reach out for help, she was given 4 phone numbers. God closed all doors except for the Mission.

Laura joined our long-term New Beginnings Program. After a year of classes, case management and healing of broken relationships, Laura’s walls came down. She was able to grow in her knowledge of and relationship with Christ.

When Laura was a child and something would happen, she was told God was punishing her for being “bad”, that was her understanding of God for a long time. Today, Laura doesn’t question God’s love for her and that she has been forgiven of her sins.

Laura used to describe herself as a wallflower, often times being ignored by her family. But God has made her new and she knows that is not her identity! She is a bright light and a joy to both staff and guests. She loves to give out hugs and is always willing to lend a hand.

What once was a shy, insecure lady has now turned into a strong, confident woman of God. Today, Laura is continuing her journey in our Employed Program. She has a full-time job, is saving money, and preparing for her future outside of the Mission.

Laura is living out her Jeremiah 29:11 and is trusting in God’s continued provisions over her life.

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