I Should Have Been Dead: Trey’s Story

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I Should Have Been Dead: Trey’s Story

I Should Have Been Dead: Trey’s Story

Growing up, Trey struggled with feelings of rejection. He was adopted by a single mom who died when he was only six years old. This left Trey with feelings of confusion and rejection. He was then taken in by his aunt and uncle who made him feel like a burden. Trey moved houses frequently, he never got a chance to call a place his home. “I went from house to house until I was 18.”

Because Trey didn’t have a support system or family to take care of him, he eventually made the streets his home. During these challenging times of loneliness and confusion, Trey coped by abusing drugs and alcohol. “I was trying difference things to ease the pain so I wouldn’t have to think or feel but it only made it worse.” Trey struggled to maintain a job and stability.

But thankfully, Trey’s story doesn’t end here.

Trey was introduced to the Mission through his counselor during his time in rehab. He decided to come to the Mission not knowing what to expect. Trey entered our New Beginnings Program where he learned about having a relationship with God.

“At first, I guess I was living for me. Being selfish and not caring about anyone else. But as the months passed, I got a sense of who God is,” Trey explains. “It opened my eyes a lot actually about the world and what God wants from us, it changed my life and aspect on life.”

“Before I came to the Mission, I was lost and since coming to the Mission, I am a better person.”

As Trey continues his journey through the New Beginnings Program, he has discovered who he is in Christ and discovered his own Jeremiah 29:11. “I had to realize that God has kept me as long as he has for a reason. I’ve been in the streets my whole life and He’s been with me for a lot of situations where I should have been dead.” God has radically transformed Trey’s life. Today, he is months away from graduating the New Beginnings Program and seeks to join the Mission’s Ministry Intern Program, where he can have the chance to learn how to work in a ministry and how he can be a part of changing the lives of other men coming through those same Mission doors he walked through.

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