A Fresh Start in Christ: Regan’s Story

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A Fresh Start in Christ: Regan’s Story

A Fresh Start in Christ: Regan’s Story

Regan grew up in the Stoner Hill neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana. He is one of eight siblings, raised by a single mother. Without a father around, Regan took on that responsibility for his siblings. “At age 14, I had to make sure my brothers still went to school.”

Regan and his siblings grew up not having a lot. “Some days we didn’t have anything to eat, three or four days without eating. It was hard, it was rough.” When the school year started, each of the siblings would get one pair of jeans which they rotated so they weren’t seen in the same pair of pants every day. “One pair of tennis shoes would have to last the whole school year.”

When Regan was young, he was very attached to his mother, whom he looked just alike. “you’re looking at my momma when you’re looking at me.” The other siblings would go to their grandmother’s house, but Regan would always go back home. That began to change when Regan got older. “I got to thinking, where were you? I’m figuring out it was all about you and your drinking.” Resentment and even hatred started to take root. “It took years to forgive my momma for this, I’m not talking about one or two.”

Regan started staying at his grandmother’s house with his siblings. “You can spend all Saturday doing whatever you want to do but come this certain time of night, you’re going to bed because you’re going to church tomorrow.” This was Regan’s first exposure to the Lord. Regan joined the church choir and “I started seeing a change in my attitude.” However, Regan got tired of going to church, “she makes us go to church, every Sunday, whether you want to or not. If you’re sick, you’re still going. I was just going because I was forced to. Now, you don’t want to pay attention, you’re just there.”

As Regan got older, drinking became part of his life. “To me, that was the only answer I knew, they say you inherit it. At first, it wasn’t a big deal, then it started progressing. People would stare, people used to talk about me.” The drinking worsened when his mother passed away. “I slacked off a lot. I had a temper, didn’t care. Didn’t trust anybody, scared I’m going to hurt somebody. I blocked off the world. Regan justified his drinking until “one day I realized, I’m tearing it down, slowly but surely.”

With the support of his family, Ragan packed his belongings, got on a bus, and made it to the Mission with the help of two good Samaritans. “They did not turn me down; this is the time to change your life around.” Regan started talking with God, “I talk to Him just like I’m talking to you. Lord, why did you bring me here? I’m not done with you, yet. I’ve got a lot of things in store for you, and it changed my life. I became a different total person. I don’t feel anger, I don’t feel hurt anymore. I’m more determined than I have ever been. 

Since coming to the Mission, Regan started working two jobs, opened a bank account and moved into The Living Center (TLC), the Mission’s clean living facility for men. “I am happy, satisfied, forgiven. Honest and proud like a tree with a number of beautiful limbs, full. I talk to people about what the Lord has done for me and if He did it for me, He can do it for you. You know what? If I had the means, I’d get a place just like the Mission, my eyes get watery when I see people sleeping on the streets. Now, my heart is full, it isn’t half full anymore.” Regan is continuing to trust God to reconnect him with his loving and supportive family.

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