A Legacy of Outreach: Pastor Larry’s Story

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A Legacy of Outreach: Pastor Larry’s Story

A Legacy of Outreach: Pastor Larry’s Story

In 2006, I was living my life for the world. Then Jesus showed up at my house! From that point on, my life was changed and it became my mission to help others find that same hope and healing I found through Christ.

Our outreach ministry started in late 2006. At the time, no one was ministering downtown. Seeing the need, my wife and I went down to the Red River Bar District for what we called Friday Night Live. We would share our testimony, tell people about Jesus, and offer them the same hope that we discovered. 

Over time our ministry expanded to Church in the City under the I-20 bridge and camp ministry to reach the homeless. Years of outreach led us to the  Mission doing weekly chapel services which later led to our calling to lead the Mission. 

The Mission has been on the frontlines doing homeless ministry since 1955. We have always served the chronically street homeless but recently God has given me the vision of something much bigger, an outreach that would not only serve the chronically homeless but also our downtown neighbors. With this vision, we can expand our reach deep into our community to reach the chronically homeless, those who are one step away from homelessness, and those suffering in poverty searching for a better life.

The dream is big, the mission will be hard but together, I know that expanding our outreach is the next step in changing our cities one life at a time. 

Now, I can see how the journey that God has brought me and Donna on has prepared us for such a time as this. He started our ministry on this path 16 years ago and today, He is using the Mission to reach more of the hurting, homeless, and broken in our cities!

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