It’s More Than A Shelter: David’s Story

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It’s More Than A Shelter: David’s Story

It’s More Than A Shelter: David’s Story

David came to the mission looking for security and an opportunity to rebuild his life. He served as a pastor for over forty years; spreading the love of God. The last thirty years he moved in with his aunt and her husband to become their full-time caregiver. Balancing personal trauma, duties of a minister and the responsibilities of being a full time caregiver; life became a world of exhaustion.

He decided to step back from ministry to fully deal with his personal trauma and focus solely on taking care of his aunt and uncle. Days after he stepped back from ministry both his aunt and uncle passed away. Within eleven days of their passing, the executor of the estate sold the house where they were living. 

With no plan in place for next steps, David said, “I was uncomfortable with the thought of being a burden to my family, children and church family so I lived in a hotel for months until I could figure out my next plan.” He lived in the hotel until his savings were all gone but during that time he heard about the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission.

“I figured, I’ll just go to the shelter, have a place to lay my head and just go from there.” he said. The moment he walked in the doors of the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission, “I realized it was more than just a shelter.” he said “this is a ministry where a person can reconnect with themselves, God and be provided with the necessary tools and skills to get back on their feet again.” 

David is now working and saving to live on his own again. He said “my time spent here at the Rescue Mission has opened my eyes to see what ministry on the front lines really looks like. I have come to see that ministry is more than just being on a pulpit. It is about meeting people where they are.” 

David is so grateful for neighbors like you and to be given the opportunity to rebuild his relationship with God and himself. 

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