The Hope that I Never Had: Kim’s Story

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The Hope that I Never Had: Kim’s Story

The Hope that I Never Had: Kim’s Story

Kim lived most of her childhood neglected, physically abused and in constant state of turmoil. Living from one place to another and never having a safe place to call home. At the age of fifteen Kim came home from work only to find that her mom had abandoned her and the rent was due the next day.  

Unable to pay the rent and being conditioned by years of neglect, she unknowingly married a man who continued the cycle of physical, mental, and emotional abuse for fourteen years. Incapable of coping with the seemingly never-ending cycle of abuse, Kim turned to drugs to try to survive each day. 

Kim became homeless the day her husband decided to take her Identification Card along with all personal items and left her stranded in Shreveport. Being homeless for two years, Kim said, “I was so broken and defeated at this point. I truly believed that I was unworthy of love and that people could not be trusted.” 

Throughout that time, her distrust, fear and anxiety of people and their intentions heightened. While she was living on the streets, she would meet people who would offer “safe places” for her to rest only to discover they were trying to use her. “I began to sleep in the trees with a belt tied around me and a tire lever in my hand because I realized that people could not be trusted.” Kim said. 

The day that Kim walked into the Mission, she said “I was ready to stop living in fear. I wanted to start living a thriving and hopeful life.” The staff at the Mission, showed her through both words and action the true meaning of God’s love and what he means when he wants us to live an abundant life. Kim said “Going through the New Beginnings program has truly allowed me to trust people again.” 

Today, Kim is not only thriving but also has a new definition of who she is in Christ. Kim stated that “Ten years ago, I would look in the mirror and see someone who was unworthy of love, broken, ugly and stupid. Today I look in the mirror and I am proud of who I see and I finally feel free to move forward in life.” 

Kim is thankful to our loving neighbors like you – and how you have given her the ability to change her life. “The Mission gave me the hope that I never had before.”

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