Something Had to Change: Anthony’s Story

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Something Had to Change: Anthony’s Story

Something Had to Change: Anthony’s Story

Anthony’s divorce hit him hard. For 3 years, he’d been grieving, blaming himself, and drinking to cope with his pain. “I distanced myself from God and would have a drink instead of praying,” he says. “I felt empty.”

It seems things couldn’t get worse. Then the unthinkable happened. Anthony, a veteran, said, “The virus hit and I lost my job and my place. I was staying in a hotel and was down to the last of my money. Something had to change.”

It was then Anthony entered our Life Recovery Program where he found safe shelter, nutritious food, and the encouragement of our loving staff. “I came to the Mission in tears but they welcomed me with open arms.”

With the help of our staff, Anthony started his recovery journey and started focusing on drawing closer to God. “The staff, church, reading my Bible, and daily prayer filled the spiritual hole in my life.”

Anthony learned to process his grief and developed healthy coping skills. “I’ve learned not to look to substances but stay focused on walking with Christ.”

Today, Anthony has a job as a commercial truck driver and has his own place. He is walking in his Jeremiah 29:11 and thriving.

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