Losing Religion and Gaining a Relationship: David’s Story

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Losing Religion and Gaining a Relationship: David’s Story

Losing Religion and Gaining a Relationship: David’s Story

Meet the Mission’s newest Ministry Intern, David. David came to the Mission from a unique situation. He spent his life as a Methodist minister and dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel. But unfortunately, David held a secret. David was secretly struggling with sin and struggled with a disconnected relationship with God.

David came to the Mission after the death of his aunt and the loss of his home. He was on ministry sabbatical and decided that he had had enough of his sin and his old ways and sought refuge at the Mission.

David joined our New Beginnings Program. As he went through the program, David decided to lose his ideas of formal religion and committed to getting a real relationship with Christ. “I realized after I entered the New Beginnings Program that all of the years that I have spoken Christ into the lives of others that I had a whole lot of work to do on myself.” 

Today, David has graduated the New Beginnings Program and has become our newest Ministry Intern. David has a heart for God’s people and wants to continue and finish his ministry career at the Mission.“I have grown into a relationship with Christ that’s just awesome!”

Laginappe:  David proves that no educational or socioeconomic background exempts someone from experiencing homelessness. In addition, David is also a great model to show that age is only a number. At 70 years young, David committed himself to changing his life and starting over. David’s story is not unusual. As the Baby Boomers age, men and women like David come to the Mission for help. When social security payments, retirement, and Medicare aren’t enough to make ends meet (especially when inflation and gas prices continue to increase), the Mission stands ready to assist our seniors in need.

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