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More Than A Race

More Than A Race

Three years ago, the Mission hosted our first Mission Possible 5/10k and Fun Run at First Baptist Shreveport. Thanks to the support of our friends at First Baptist Shreveport, we were able to open a running trail (the Old Autumn Breeze Trail) that hadn’t been opened in years. Our goal with the race was to not only raise funds for the Mission and our programs but to also raise awareness for how we were working to change our cities one life at a time.

We learned a lot from our first race from race logistics, to volunteer management, to coordinating vendors and sponsors, and much more. But one of the biggest things we learned over the last 3 years is that this event is bigger than just a race. It’s isn’t just people wanting to exercise. No, it’s people from our cities coming together to be a part of change in our cities. What started out as a simple race has turned into something much bigger.

Throughout our history, sports have become breeding ground for overcoming obstacles and perseverance. Who can forget the 1980 Miracle on Ice or the story of Rebekah Gregory, a young woman who lost her leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and returned 2 years later to run that very race. Our Mission Possible 5/10k and Fun Run has seen its own moments of perseverance as well. From avid runner Ms. Thelma, who at the age of 90, joined us at our very first race and continues to remain active today, to the men and women in our long term recovery program running and finishing the race with an indescribable sense of pride and accomplishment, to Josh, who will be our first kid from the Mission to request and participate in this year’s Fun Run. You see the Mission Possible 5/10k and Fun Run is more than a race….it’s perseverance….it’s family….and it’s community!

No matter your age and no matter your fitness level, the Mission Possible 5/10k and Fun Run has something for everyone. Whether you like to run, jog, walk or want to be an undercover agent, there is something for everyone. On top of that, your support gives our guests a chance to rewrite their story. No longer does their story have to consist of hurt and hopeless. With your help, their story can be one of perseverance, success and hope.

You can be a part of changing the lives of homeless men, women and children in our cities. The Mission Possible 5/10k and Fun Run is full of fun, family and community.

Race day is Saturday, September 21st, and we want to see you there!

So be the change you want to see in our cities and join the #SBMissionLife by registering today at

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