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The Power of Work

The Power of Work

It’s officially the end of Summer and this Monday also marks 125th anniversary of Labor Day being a national holiday. Labor Day is time that we recognize the contribution of the American worker.

Many of the guests that come to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission have struggled when it comes to either obtaining or keeping work. Some of our guests have lost a job and ran through their savings. Some of our guests have come to us struggling to find work due to a disability. Some of our guests are older and struggle to find a job that allows them to continue to work. Some of our guests have never been taught healthy work habits and have struggled to maintain employment.

Whatever the circumstances, the Mission’s Life Recovery Program works to take individuals out of homelessness and poverty and get them back on the course to independence. A key part to getting an individual self-sufficient is getting them back to work.

In order for us to prepare a guest to re-enter the workforce, we utilize Vocational Training across all areas of work at the Mission. From the woman working the reception desk in our front office, to the students working in our Culinary Arts department, to the men and women who get up everyday to ride the bus to work at our Thrift Store, every guest at the Mission is being trained and prepared to re-enter the workforce with the skills and foundation needed to obtain and sustain employment.

Vocational Training is a tool used to teach our guests work skills, work ethic and the 7 soft skills that employers are looking for in potential employees. Those soft skills include teamwork, communication, attention, adaptability, initiative, leadership and problem solving.

So how can you help get our guests out of homelessness and back to work? It’s easy! Partner with us with your prayers, your time (volunteering), and your gifts (financial and in-kind). You see, when you partner with the Mission, you are giving more than food and shelter. You are giving our guests the gift of work and the tools to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

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