Now I’ve been set Free: Chris’ Story

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Now I’ve been set Free: Chris’ Story

Now I’ve been set Free: Chris’ Story

When Chris was 9 years old, he got up like he did most mornings only to discover his father was dead. “After that day started my downfall.” Chris’ grades started crashing. “I had 3 counselors who tried to work with me but nothing seemed to help. My mom tried to help but she, at the same, time, was hurting as well. I had to be there for her as well as she be there for me.” Chris never properly dealt with his grief and instead chose to cope with alcohol.

“When I turned 18, I decided to drink and when I turned 21 and I knew it was legal to buy my own alcohol, my addiction got worse.” He tried not to let his family know about his addiction. “I almost got caught a couple of times.” Even with those close calls, Chris’ addiction only got worse.

Chris was able to hold down carpentry jobs for a while but over time his addiction took over, and he found himself without a job and living on the streets. “I slept in alleyways, under a bridge until I finally came to the Mission. My first night at the Mission, I felt relief. I could finally eat and finally rest.”

At first, Chris joined our Employed Program but he knew that he needed to take a pause and finally deal with his grief. He joined our New Beginnings Program. Today, Chris has taken the tools that he learned in our New Beginnings Program and has moved out on his own.

“I’ve learned to open up. I care more about people now than I did back then. I’ve learned to serve others. And, now I have a relationship with God.” Now, Chris has the tools he needs to start over and walk confidently into his Jeremiah 29:11. “Before coming to the Mission, I was lost. And since coming to the Mission, I am free!”

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