Stronger than his Addiction: Jeremiah’s Story

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Stronger than his Addiction: Jeremiah’s Story

Stronger than his Addiction: Jeremiah’s Story

Meet Jeremiah, our newest Ministry Intern. Jeremiah came to the Mission with unresolved childhood trauma and drug addiction. Jeremiah grew up in church but  he never allowed God to truly transform his life.

Jeremiah and his 7 siblings were raised by their father. Their mother left when he was young due to the domestic violence in the house. Jeremiah was a victim to this same abuse. His addiction started when he was intruduced to drugs through his circle of friends. Those drugs became his way of coping and hiding from the abuse.

As an adult, the cycle of addiction, broken relationships, many jobs, and multiple moves from state to state continued. It was as if Jeremiah was running from something (or someone)! “I definitely put drugs, let’s just say above any and all, before God.”

But this wasn’t the end of Jeremiah’s story! Jeremiah came to the Mission after a car crash left him covinced he would have spent eternity in hell if he had died. Jeremiah was ready for change.

Jeremiah joined our New Beginnings Program where he came to find “something stronger than his addiction, which is God.” Jeremiah has been radically transformed. He has experienced healing from addiction and anger from his past. And this is just the beginning of him living out his Jeremiah 29:11.

God has radically changed Jeremiah’s life and as a result, he feels called to help other men in crisis and has made a decision to join our 1-year Ministry Intern Program.

Laginappe: Following Jeremiah’s graduation from our New Beginnings Program, Jeremiah made a commitment to face the consequences of his past. Jeremiah turned himself in to the authorities for an outstanding warrant. God showed up and showed out! Jeremiah went before the judge much sooner than he was told. He shared what all God had been doing through the New Beginnings Program and all charges were dismissed! Jeremiah returned to the Mission that same day to begin the Ministry Intern Program.

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