Winter Update 2024

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Winter Update 2024

Winter Update 2024

The Mission has enacted our inclement weather protocol for several weeks and the weather is continuing to get colder and colder with even more severe winter weather in the forecast.
Our outreach and guest services team have been working round the clock to get our homeless friends off the streets and into safe shelter.
During these bitter temperatures, the Mission is doing intakes 24/7. We have plenty of beds and cots and are ready to meet the needs of our homeless neighbors.

This type of weather is deadly for the homeless. It takes less than 1 hour for someone to succumb to hypothermia. With these conditions, our mission has become that much more critical, and our outreach and guest services team is working round the clock to bring people in off the streets and into the warmth.

No one should be on the streets during this cold weather. You can help make sure our homeless neighbors have a hot meal and safe shelter.

Want to help? Here’s how:
1. If you see someone on the streets or living in a camp, please DM us that location (please do not share in the comments). We will share that information with our outreach team.
2. Help meet the needs of guests coming in out of the cold by purchasing items from our immediate needs list. Pick up items from our list at and drop off at 901 McNeil St. or order items from our Amazon Wish List at
3. A gift today will save a life. Help welcome every person who comes to our doors with warmth, hope, a hot meal, and a safe place by giving today at ➡️

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