Faith, Shortfalls, and Recovery

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Faith, Shortfalls, and Recovery

Faith, Shortfalls, and Recovery

What a crazy and unpredictable couple of months our world has been through. Navigating COVID-19 was a challenge for all. While things are starting to open back up and summertime is here, the Mission and so many other individuals will be recovering from the pandemic this summer and beyond. 

Necessary changes were put in place at the Mission in order to keep our guests safe and healthy. During COVID-19, donations were limited to only essential items, the thrift store closed, guests quarantined at the Mission from mid-March to June, intake hours changed to 24 hours, 7 days a week, and all non-essential staff worked from home. Every decision was carefully made and guided by the Lord and by healthcare experts in our community. Our top priority is to keep our guests safe, pandemic or no pandemic, and to pursue the passion of Jesus Christ to lift the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted in our cities.

As we look back at COVID-19, we cannot help but to look at the countless blessings during the difficult time. God showed up. He provided. He is at work. Our guests at the Mission found freedom and hope during the pandemic. Broken relationships were mended through the grace of Jesus Christ. Families are being reunited, and restoration is happening.

Because of God’s faithfulness and donors like you, the Mission was able to provide 1,410 meals each week, 410 nights of safe shelter weekly, raise $20,832 on Give for Good, zero staff layoffs, and zero COVID-19 cases.

But reality is the impact of COVID-19 will trickle into summer and the recovery process will be difficult on our guests. Summertime is when donations fall short at the Mission, and this summer donations will be needed more than ever. We are walking into this summer with hope and our trust in God. He carried us through the pandemic, and He will continue to carry us through the recovery process. But we need your help too! Here’s how you can help the Mission this Summer. 

First, we ask you to continue to pray for the Mission and our guests here. If you have any prayer requests, please send them our way. We love the opportunity to pray over those who support us. We know we are not the only ones affected by COVID-19, we want to be a blessing to you by praying for you. Submit prayer requests to

Second, we ask that you give goods. The Mission has begun to accept donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Donations can be dropped off in the lobby of the Mission and the process will be self-served. In addition, the Thrift Store has reopened and is operating under its normal business hours of Tuesday – Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also purchase items from our immediate needs list. A current needs list can be found at and you can even order some of these items from our Amazon Wish List at

Finally, if you have the means, we ask that support the Mission through a financial gift. We know that with the Thrift Store closure and the loss of revenue through donations, there will be a shortfall in our budget. You can help ease some of that burden through a financial gift. To make a financial donation today, visit

As always, thank you for your faithful support and prayers throughout this pandemic and beyond. You are changing our cities one life at a time!

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